BIC Comfort 3 Refillable Three-Blade Disposable Razors for Men, Sensitive Skin Razor for a Comfortable Shave, 1 Handle and 12 Cartridges With 3 Blades, 13 Piece Razor Kit

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  • One 13 Piece Razor Set of BIC Comfort Refillable 3, 1 Handle and 12 cartridges disposable razors for men
  • Disposable razors with 3 Long Lasting Blades *vs BIC Sensitive
  • BIC Comfort 3 Refillable Razor is a refillable razor kit with fresh new handle and refills in every pack
  • BIC razor for men has an enhanced lubricating strip enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for an more glide while shaving vs. BIC Sensitive
  • 30° pivoting disposable men's razor head to adjust to the contours of your face
  • This BIC disposable razor features 3 Chromium coated blades that provide a close shave
  • 1. Sharp without causing razor burns or nicks.
    2. Nice packaging and quality made.
    3. Gives the closest shave with great glide and ergonomic design.
    4. Blades last for 5-6 shaves if kept dry.
    5. Always great quality.

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