PALONE Electric Bug Zapper 3200V Mosquito Zapper Killer Indoor Insect Killer with Hanging Chain Mosquito Trap with Removable Collection Tray USB Electric Bug Zapper Outdoor for Home Office Warehouse

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  • Reliable Bug Zapper: There are four primary components of PALONE electric bug zapper, the power grid, trapping LED lights, protective fences, and a collection tray. The bug zapper functions well when combined with a 3200V power grid and trapping LED light that has a special wavelength for catching insects. By using phototaxis, this mosquito trap draws practically all flying insects, which are then captured and electrocuted. Perfect for usage in garages, sheds, warehouses, and homes.
  • Easy to Use: Simply plug in the USB interface and start using. On the right side of the bug zapper are the power button and USB port. Additional USB cable of the bug zapper is white, about 59in/1.5m long. Note: Please place the mosquito trap on the flat surface. If you want to hang the bug zapper on the wall, please make sure the chain has been mounted.
  • Perfect Match: This bug zapper is equipped with a 3200V power grid. It would be easier to electrocute most of flying insects under the temptation of LED lights. Besides, a stainless chain is included in the package for hanging the mosquito zapper. The chain is about 52.7cm/20.7 inch long. The bug zapper can be hung on a tree or wall so that it can avoid accidental touching or hitting.
  • Effective & Eco-friendly: PALONE bug zapper uses simple physics to tackle mosquito troubles healthily and effectively. Unlike conventional irritant products, this bug zapper is chemical- and odor-free. In addition, the bug zapper is equipped with safety fences surrounding the the voltage grid to reduce the chance of electric shock. It is a safe and eco-friendly bug zapper to be used indoors and outdoors!
  • Easy to Clean: The bottom of PALONE bug zapper has a tray where dead insects can be collected. It is possible to remove and wash the collection tray. Additionally, the outer fence is also removable. The processes for cleaning are, to open the fence first, then clean the grid and bulbs with tissue or brush to let the dead body drop into the bottom tray, then remove and rinse the bottom tray, at last put them back together.
  • 1. This product was able to solve a bad problem with yellow jackets in two days.
    2. It is durable and still works even after falling from a height of six feet.
    3. It is effective in killing mosquitoes and other bugs.
    4. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    5. It is easy to install and use.

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