1. Durable
2. Good design
3. Grippy handle allows for considerable torque
4. Perfect for small jobs like replacing cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls
5. Perfect fit for small hands with soft grip

Under Sink Organizers and Storage

1. Solidly made and easy to assemble
2. Useful extras like hooks and side cups
3. Not permanently attached, so you can leave them off if you don’t need them
4. Super simple to assemble and is working perfectly in my kitchen and bathroom
5. My pantry has never been so organized!

Oscillating Tool Kit

1. Light and strong
2. Well built
3. Good quality
4. Powerful enough to handle any job
5. Ergonomic and easy to hold

Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit

1. Works as advertised, cleans your dryers insides, worth every penny.
2. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of lint retrieved in only a few minutes.
3. Fits and clicks in perfectly and can be used for more than just the dryer vent.
4. Suction worked great and picking up all the lint.
5. Got an ice cream bucket full of lint out of my dryer! This tool is amazing!!!

35L Storage Bags

1. Great storage
2. Love this storage bags
3. Great for comforter storage, Christmas decorations and any other things you need to store
4. Love made my closet look so neat and organized
5. These storage bags have a lot of room and stackable

Kasa Smart 3 Way Dimmer Switch KIT

1. Easy to use and reliable
2. Smart app with many features
3. Installation is reliable
4. Connecting to Echo/Alexa was easy
5. Price is awesome

Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door

1. Allows a nice breeze to blow into the house on mild days.
2. Installation is simple and cost is low.
3. Keeps bugs out of the house when door is open.
4. Securely affixes to door frame with velcro and tacks.
5. Can be pushed out of the way when closing the door without much inconvenience.

Under Cabinet Lights

1. Lights are bright and easy to install
2. Has a great battery life
3. Can be used as a picture/accent light
4. Seller was amazing to work with
5. Offers motion detection, cool and warm lighting, dimming capability, and are rechargeable

Solid Bamboo Cutting Board

1. Made in Italy
2. Bamboo is a great renewable ecological choice
3. Meat cutting side offers a nice drain hole into the sink preventing messes
4. iPad holder works great if you need the recipe available
5. Exactly as described, works perfectly to hold my IPAD while cooking

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair

1. A little goes a long way.
2. Great for smaller and deeper holes.
3. Easy to clean off and still has decent grit to it after many uses.
4. Very simple to use even for a 62 year old woman with no experience in home repairs.
5. Fantastic for drywall gashes and better than what can be picked up at Home Depot.

FIRST ALERT Fire Extinguisher

1. Dependable piece of equipment that won't fail when needed.
2. Bright color makes it easier to find and access in an emergency.
3. Heavy duty and arrived in good time and was packaged well.
4. Less recalls from the company compared to Kiddie brand.
5. Put out a small fire after being kept in car for almost 3 years with no problems.

LED Book Light

1. Compact design makes it easy to put in your backpack or purse for use on the plane and it’s ultra light.
2. Love this little light. Great for quiet book reading in bed.
3. I bought this for my step dad who is half blind. He can see so much better now while reading.
4. This product is a little bright but if you have it positioned correctly, it works perfect.
5. It bends, it’s bright. What more could you want?

Google Nest Thermosta

1. Super simple install.
2. Design is sharp.
3. My wife loves it because it requires a turn of the dial.
4. Wish we had done this years ago.
5. First bill was cut $100 in the hot summer month.

Meal Prep Containers

1. Affordable and easy to use
2. Perfect size for a good portion
3. Holding up well in dishwasher and microwave
4. Built well and got what was expected
5. Easy to clean and perfect size for portions

LED Desk Lamp

1. Very high quality, light works just as described.
2. Many different settings and is super versatile.
3. For what you pay for it, you get a very strong light.
4. Could move it around to whatever position you want.
5. It moves up, down, back and forth, the light itself is directional.