Door Lock Installation Kit


Charcoal Grill and Smoker


Socket Adapter Set

1. Transmits impact shocks very well.
2. Convenient way to stock up on adapters.
3. Durable and withstands multiple uses with it set at max.
4. Easy to remove and attach sockets without feeling loose when attached.
5. Smaller shank diameter than the dewalt equivalent, allowing for use in tighter spaces.

Insulated Food Jar

1. Keeps food warm for a long time
2. Lightweight and durable
3. No leaks
4. Easy to clean
5. Variety of colors available

DEWALT Miter Saw

1. High quality parts with a nice finish
2. Lots of options for angle stops
3. Easy to tune and align before use
4. Better dust collection than the old Craftsman model
5. Worth spending a little more to get the DWS716 over cheaper models

Wifi LED Smart Light Bulb

1. Easy to install and use without a smart speaker.
2. Compatible with older model routers.
3. No need to give others access to the app for them to use the bulbs.
4. Ability to remotely turn on the bulbs from anywhere.
5. Convenient for hard-to-reach switches in dark areas.

Three Big Folding Step Stool

1. Lightweight
2. Very sturdy
3. Folds up easily
4. Holds up to 300 lbs
5. Conveniently folds up nicely and fits into cupboard closet

KNIPEX Cobra Pliers

1. Well made and precision ground at the jaws
2. Easy to adjust one handed
3. Fits easily in a CLC two pocket belt pouch
4. Humane traps that give rodents a second chance
5. Highly recommended by the reviewer

LED Light Bulbs

1. Brighter than expected
2. Lightweight compared to Halogen bulbs
3. Perfect warm white light for bedroom lamp
4. Affordable cost
5. Energy saver and durable

Kitchen Backsplash Stickers Wallpaper

1. Easy to apply.
2. Good deal.
3. Inexpensive to be given away at a mental health awareness event.
4. Cleans easily and holds up with heat.
5. Clean easy and stick as expected.

Scotch Felt Pads

1. Great value.
2. They do the job of protecting the floor and there are enough pads to take care of all the items someone would need to adhere these to.
3. Super easy to install and the size and color is hidden so you don't even know they are there!
4. Perfect size, stick well and easy.
5. Great glide dining chairs on tile floors.

Keypad Door Lock

1. Install was very easy.
2. No need to use a key to lock the door.
3. Has many features to suite everyone.
4. Easy to program multiple codes and set it to auto lock.
5. Sturdy and no problems for months after install.

2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

1. The adhesive is extremely strong.
2. You can't adjust it after you place it.
3. Installation tips are provided to ensure a proper fit.
4. It helps limit light and noise from entering the room.
5. It also keeps pets from crawling through the door gap.

Three Light Vanity

1. Great quality
2. Very good looking
3. Iron black with bronze highlights
4. Easy to install
5. Durable construction

LED Desk Lamp

1. Three different brightness settings.
2. Touch control on the base that turns it on/off and also controls the three levels of brightness.
3. Folds down taking little space and puts ample directed light on objective when needed.
4. Very bright and provides great illumination.
5. Lamp can be swiveled to the desired angle.

Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty

1. Both scissors are really sharp and cut most anything food related.
2. The thinner curved scissor is perfect for cutting off grissle, fat, and unwanted cuts of meat.
3. Both are easy to clean and fit well in the hand.
4. They are durable, high-quality scissors that make meal prep quick and easy.
5. They are economical and very effective, as sharp as needed for the job.

MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer

1. Easy to adjust and can fit many pans
2. Sturdy and fits all my pants and lids!
3. So nice for organizing and not have to sort through pans!
4. This worked perfect for what I needed place it on the countertop
5. Durable and adjustable, this cookware organizer is exactly what I needed

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set

1. Great quality drills
2. Nice set that fits the needs
3. Cut well and seem to be durable
4. Better than no-name variety even at twice the price
5. Dewalt never fails to do the job its intended to do

Electric Screwdriver Kit

1. It is lightweight yet powerful.
2. It is inexpensive and can power through tough tasks.
3. It is small and fits anywhere.
4. It is solid and well built, feeling like it will last a long time.
5. The controls are easy to access and the case is shaped and textured for comfort and grip.

Impact Driver Bit Set

1. Excellent assortment being together so I don't have to hunt my tool box for each one I need
2. So easy to order, gave to my brother, was a great gift to give!
3. Good quality, I have no issues with this set, good for maintenance work
4. Ultra durable with nice rust-resistant finish
5. Large assortment of bit sizes and types with 1/2" socket attachment for driving bolts