Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter


Franklin Sports Junior Football


Wilson Tennis Rackets

1. Good for beginners
2. Light weight and easy to handle
3. Great way to get the little ones to learn hand/eye coordination and burn energy
4. Perfect for beginner lessons
5. Very comfortable to use

Kick Scooter for Kids

1. Wheels spin well right out of the box.
2. Foam grips are cushiony and comfortable.
3. Adjustable handle bars are suitable for kids from 3 ft 10 to 5 foot 3 in height.
4. Aluminum frame is relatively strong and can hold up to 143 lbs of weight.
5. Small size does not take up much room in the garage.

Vinyl Plastic Kettlebell

1. Great quality
2. Great price
3. Great for sumo squats
4. Easy to use with a great handle
5. Great price and well made

Kick Scooter for Kids

1. Durable and fast
2. Easy to use
3. Great quality
4. Arrived on time and as promised
5. Very simple but durable

Yoga Mat

1. Durable and extra long
2. Grippy and does not slip
3. Nice colors, good padding but stable enough for standing poses
4. Quality is dependable and not too thick or thin
5. Not slippery, good value for the price

Inflatable Boat

1. It lasted all week in the pool with five kids constantly jumping in and out of, flipping over.
2. Very happy with the sturdiness.
3. Got a lot of use out of it and liked it enough that we got one for my nephew as well.
4. Inflated fast & has stayed inflated.
5. Was a big hit in the pool and the kids absolutely love it.

Off-Road Kick Scooter

1. Easy to assemble in less than five minutes.
2. Classy look with Pittsburgh Steelers logo.
3. Sturdy and durable construction.
4. High quality colors and decals with nice details.
5. Bike-style tires are great for rough terrain and crumbling sidewalks.

Camping Tent

1. Tent kept all belongings dry during a rainstorm.
2. Tent is exactly as described and authentic.
3. Setup and takedown of the tent was easy to learn with practice.
4. Everything fit back into the main bag after use.
5. The tent was able to be left open at night due to hot weather conditions.

Under Armour Men's Zip

1. Very helpful and warm for those light cool mornings.
2. Quick-drying, sweat-wicking material and easy layering front.
3. Loose fit for increased comfort and flexibility.
4. Great sun cover up and shield your skin from the fans and AC on a hot day out.
5. Perfect gift for fishing trips with UV protection and breathable layer.

BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle

Positive points in the review:
1. Easy to open while driving and has a handy rubber handle for walks.
2. Has markings on outside which helps me to track how much water I am drinking.
3. Never had any problems with mold.
4. Easy to add ice cubes.
5. Flip top lid is convenient and easy to use.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

1. The trunk of the car was large enough to fit four 10-speeds.
2. The bike carrier was el cheapo and worked fine for the Chevy Lumina with a spoiler.
3. The Honda Accord had a deceptively large trunk which allowed for careful positioning of the bike so no cables got bent and nothing got scratched.
4. Biking skills improved, allowing for trips to be taken without having to transport the bike in or on a car.
5. There were many trunk mount bike carriers that would fit the Honda Accord with the spoiler, avoiding any chance of scratching or denting the car.


1. Thrilled with the product
2. Easy to put on
3. Wheels are very good and sturdy
4. Perfect present for 11 year old
5. Good quality skates

Badminton Racket + Birdie Set

1. Feels sturdy and a lot of fun
2. Convenient
3. Fun for the fam!!
4. Great for killing Wood Bees
5. Looks like well made for the money

Collapsible Water Bottles Cups

1. Purchased for traveling out the country and everyone was jealous of it.
2. Collapsible option is great and perfect for everyday and traveling.
3. Not heavy, compact and taken in everywhere with me.
4. Perfect solution as it collapses, soft silicone material and leak proof!
5. Folded up small to fit in my bag but held plenty of water when expanded.

Grip Strength Trainer

1. Product arrived on time and exactly as advertised.
2. Great forearm workout that helps strengthen your grip.
3. Ability to increase/decrease the resistance.
4. Strength can be adjusted in a second.
5. Helps build back strength in fingers and hands.

Electric Hoverboard

1. Easy to unbox and charge.
2. Sturdy and has a smooth ride.
3. Battery life is good.
4. Impressed with the quality and fast delivery.
5. Granddaughter loves it and can work it through narrow spaces sideways.


1. Strong and durable
2. Good quality for the price
3. Perfect for carrying light weight supplies
4. Surprised by the quality of the backpacks
5. Hit for give away to support the homeless or less advantaged

Ping Pong Paddle Sets

1. Good quality
2. Everyone loves them
3. Una muy buena inversión, calidad en cada material utilizado para su elaboración
4. Amazing grip and very solid
5. College boy’s approval