Johnson's Body Wash & Shampoo


Collagen & Fiber


ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

1. Leaves a fresher breath
2. Removes white coating on the tongue
3. Great for teeth
4. Kids love it and don't mind brushing their teeth
5. My son looks forward to brushing his teeth

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

1. Nice soft cloth to freshen your growler.
2. I actually use these as underarm wipes instead and emergency bathroom wipes when you can't hold it in public.
3. Perfect on the go or for travel.
4. Refreshing wipe on the go! Light sent no irritation.
5. Comes in handy!

Clorox Liquid Dish Soap

1. It took no effort at all to clean my stove, no grease, no smudges, no effort.
2. There's nothing bad can be said works great on dishes,and hands.
3. No picture use this every night it’s a must buy.
4. This Clorox Liquid Dish Soap smells so clean and fresh. There's no bleach in it, but you can tell it is working.
5. I absolutely love this dish soap. I bought it at a local store and I had to have more but I had trouble finding a replacement bottle.

Toilet Paper

1. Thick enough to not tear in your hand, but not so thick that it's uncomfortable.
2. Textured which helps absorb easily.
3. Great price for the quantity that you get.
4. Not too soft that it leaves lint everywhere - just perfect!
5. Good value and lasts a very long time.

ChapStick Moisturize

1. Moisturizes lips for a long time
2. Has SPF protection
3. Light mint flavor without excessive burn
4. Rolls on smoothly and does not break off in chunks
5. Has a menthol cooling effect that is soothing

Clorox Liquid Hand Soap Pump

1. Lathers and cleans well.
2. Smells exactly like strawberries.
3. Price is good for the size of the bottle.
4. Citrus smell is amazingggg.
5. High quality Clorox brand product.

The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste

1. Powerful cleaning action that easily removes stubborn stains and grime.
2. Versatile and effective on different surfaces throughout the house.
3. Gentle on surfaces without causing any damage or scratches.
4. Easy application with quick results.
5. Adheres well to the surface for maximum cleaning.

Pocket Radiant Compact Tampons

1. Great multi pack with 16R & 12 S in each box!
2. Excellent leak guard protection without passing clots or other blood.
3. Easy applicator and resealable packaging for convenience.
4. Works like expected just cheaper to buy on Amazon than at the grocery stores.
5. Plugs for heavy and light days for better protection.

Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

1. Product came as expected
2. Easy to use and to clean
3. Shaver attachment works great and doesn't overheat
4. Rechargeable feature is convenient
5. Easy to clean and store neatly in case provided

Clorox Toilet Cleaning Kit

1. Lightweight and easy to handle wand allows for effortless cleaning of every nook and cranny of the toilet bowl.
2. Disposable cleaning pads attach securely and stay in place, ensuring a thorough clean without any mess or fuss.
3. Clorox cleaning power effortlessly removes tough stains and eliminates unpleasant odors.
4. Hygienic aspect as used cleaning pads can be discarded after each use, eliminating the need for traditional toilet brushes that can harbor germs and bacteria.
5. Highly economical as it comes with multiple cleaning pads that last for an extended period, saving both time and money without compromising on cleanliness or hygiene.

Electric Toothbrush

1. Comes with extra heads
2. Comparable specs to Panasonic or Oral B
3. Charges only once every 1-2 months
4. 2 minute timer with 30 second intervals
5. Charge lasts a long time

Amazon Basics Batteries

1. Unwavering power and endurance
2. Budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality
3. Performance as good as more expensive battery brands
4. Great value for the amount of batteries included
5. Batteries last a long time


1. Product itself is wonderful.
2. Thin, comfortable, unscented pantiliners are so useful.
3. Bought these for child, just to protect her underwear since she wants to change them throughout the day.
4. This is a great deal- much bigger than the packaging at my local store and cheaper.
5. They stay in place and don't leave any sticky residue in my leggings which is what I like to use them for and I forgo panties TMI maybe but they work wonderfully and I don't have a panty line.

Massage Gun

1. It works very well with the attachments
2. Got shoulder relief like super fast
3. Battery life has done well so far
4. Able to tell the difference in how we felt very quickly
5. Does the job without breaking the bank

Gel Dish Soap Liquid

1. Smell wonderful the kitchen smell amazing all the time that I use.
2. Method Gel Dish Soap - Wife approved scent.
3. This cuts the grease (as advertised) and I enjoy the strong lemon smell with each use.
4. Love the sent! A little bit goes a long way!
5. Superior cleaning power, but gentle to the skin.

Always Infinity Feminine Pads

1. Zero leakage problems
2. Super thin and lightweight, but at the same time, super absorbent
3. Fragrance-free and super soft
4. Flexible, comfortable and absorbent
5. Unbelievably miraculous product

Tide Stain Remover

1. Works like a charm and doesn't have bleach in it.
2. Perfect to have while on vacation!
3. Works wonders!
4. Super easy to use and store in your purse... or desk... or backpack
5. Works great on all types of fabric!