PBT Keycap Upgrade Set

1. Replaced my keys and made them feel better
2. Dimmed the lights more on the lowest setting
3. Fixed many issues that I had
4. Easy to install with a tool to remove old keycaps
5. Breathed a new life into my 5 year old keyboard

Bone Conduction Wireless Earphones

1. Noise cancellation
2. Performance
3. Open ears
4. Loop in back of head
5. Volume controls

8K HDMI Cable

1. Ottima adattabilità tra la mia NVidia Shield e la mia TV 4K.
2. Qualità eccellente.
3. Divertimento garantito.
4. Prezzo ragionevole.
5. Facile da installare e configurare.

Baby Monitor

1. The picture quality and sound system are really good!
2. We didn't need to spend too much time on understanding how to use the camera.
3. Night vision works great, and there's even a push to talk button.
4. Great price, great night vision and sound quality is amazing.
5. Easy to set up and use with great value for the quality.

120W USB C Charger

1. Great quality and construction
2. Rapid charge
3. Don't have to make sure I have the box plugs anymore
4. Works great to keep all your latest gear powered in a small footprint
5. Well constructed, portable and powerful enough to charge all my devices

3-Pack iPhone Fast Charger

1. Charges quickly and have lasted months and months.
2. Great value and convenient to have extra.
3. Fast charging.
4. Love the way it chargers my phone so fast.
5. Excelente calidad, carga súper rápida.

Duck Label Maker Machine

1. Easy to set up and use
2. Adjustable font and placement on the label
3. USB rechargeable
4. Ability to make nicely lettered labels
5. Quality is great and cute

Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones

1. Noise cancellation
2. Performance
3. Open ears
4. Loop in back of head
5. Volume controls

Drive USB

1. Easy to transfer data without having to connect to a computer.
2. Reliable and durable for a small device.
3. Economical for multiple uses.
4. Compatible with USB-A and USB-C connections.
5. Simple plug-and-play device with good storage capacity.

Anker Portable Charger

1. 10,000mAh battery capacity
2. Sleek design, slim, compact and lightweight
3. PowerIQ Charging Technology for fast charging
4. USB-C input for convenient recharging of the power bank
5. No need to fumble with multiple cables or adapters

WiFi Action Camera

1. Incredible value for the money.
2. Great quality videos.
3. Fully waterproof.
4. Good menu and plenty of accessories.
5. Easy to transfer photos and videos to iPhone wirelessly.

JBL Quantum 100

1. Sound quality is great
2. Soft on ears and can wear it for long periods of time with glasses on without feeling agitating
3. Mic quality is not bad
4. Adjustable mic and comfortable to wear
5. No sound quality issues

Gaming Mouse Pad

1. No more friction on wrists/arms when moving mouse, especially in games
2. Thick which makes placing arms/wrists on desk more comfortable
3. Fits perfectly and works for everything needed
4. Very smooth surface for accuracy when making small movements
5. Known for great mousepad, fast enough and not too fast to have speed and control

USB C to USB C Cable

1. Great customer service with a quick resolution to the problem.
2. The new one works flawlessly.
3. Uni charging cables are great and replaced with zero hassle.
4. Great value, really does 100W!
5. The length is perfect for my needs and is noise-free when rubbing against my clothes.

Label Maker Machine

1. Easy to use application for creating labels
2. Ability to change font and letter size
3. Rechargeable battery so no need to worry about batteries dying and corroding
4. Thick, good quality and durable printing paper that does not tear or smear
5. Templates in the app make setup really easy

Power Strip

1. 8 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports
2. Wide voltage range
3. Widely spaced outlets
4. 6 feet flat plug extension cord
5. Safety features with certificates from RoHS, FCC, and ETL

Razer PC-soundbar

1. Great value for the price
2. Perfect size, great sound quality, good price and interfaces with other Razer products
3. Quality is really good on the materials and also on the actual sound
4. Immaculate sound quality
5. Best bang for your buck with loud sound and great bass

SAMSUNG Memory Card

1. Worked perfectly with Uniden bcd536hp scanner.
2. Resolved problematic gaps in dashcam recordings.
3. Detected immediately and majority of card was available for use.
4. Worked very well without any issues for many years.
5. No issues after a month of continuous usage in security cameras.

GoPro HERO11

1) The ability to record at high resolution is great.
2) The ability to configure for frame rate, resolution, image field, and multiple other customizations is almost dizzying with how many ways to adjust it.
3) Picture quality is excellent.
4) There is a preset that allows less of the "fisheye" effect when recording.
5) Able to get about 75 minutes of uninterrupted recording time.

ASUS HDR Monitor

1. Use Gsync
2. Use ELMB Sync with gsync or just regular ELMB
3. Overclock your monitor
4. Use 8-bit HDR
5. Use the hidden 240-hz exclusive 10-Bit HDR (with FRC dithering, so it's not "real" 10 bit) via a special hack on the blurbusters' forums using Custom Resolution Utility for more convenient hdr in games