Wireless Ergonomic Mouse




USB to USB C Adapter 3 Pack


Streaming Webcam


Multi Plug Outlet Extender

1. Multi outlet access is great for tech users
2. Great charging station with many USB outlets, a USB C outlet and nightlight
3. High quality, cool "backlight" effect and works as described
4. Compact and takes less space on the counter
5. Easy to install and works great

Alexa Voice Remote

1. Ability to use captive portal internet.
2. Ease of use - PnP HDMI port and power via the Micro USB port to power adapter.
3. Picture / Streaming speed is excellent on both 4K and 1080P
4. Responsive when going through menus and applications
5. Main screen is customizable to set your favorite applications there.

TV Wall Mount

1. Easy to understand directions, easy to install, quality material and really sturdy.
2. Comes with a template and a mini level that made it much easier than hanging my old corner mount.
3. Holds the tv very securely, and it’s an older 55” which means it’s heavier that new TVs.
4. Had my 4 year old hang on it fully extended to test it with 45 lbs, it held.
5. The installation manual has the usual advice about reading through completely before attempting install, which does increase chance of success.

HP Thunderbolt Dock

1. Cuts down on cords needed
2. Highly reliable dock
3. Works as it should
4. Exactly what I needed
5. Fast connection with dual power/USB3 connector

Ergonomic Mouse Wireless

1. Ergonomic design provided a comfortable grip and relieved strain on wrist.
2. Wireless connectivity allowed for unrestricted movement.
3. Adjustable DPI feature and well-placed buttons enhanced workflow, making navigation effortless.
4. Rechargeable battery eliminated the need for constant replacements.
5. Productivity has soared and discomfort is a thing of the past.

Edifier Luna Eclipse

1. Stunning red finish
2. Quality sound
3. 77 watts of power
4. Clear sound with punchy tight bass
5. Great for use with digital keyboards

Outlet Extender

1. Comes with multiple outlets and USB ports.
2. Has an optional shelf that you can install when attaching it to the original outlet.
3. All ports and outlets work on this thing pretty well.
4. Nice to be able to plug a lot of adapters and then some, with a total of 12 outlets.
5. Found exactly what was needed after several pages of searching, with the added bonus of a shelf.

Laptop Docking Station

1. Works on both PC and smartphone.
2. Has every port needed for connectivity and media.
3. Gigabit Ethernet Port is fast, reliable, and secure than WiFi.
4. 18-month warranty is outstanding for small electronics.
5. Great customer service department that stands behind their product.

Sony Digital Voice Recorder

1. Extremely small and lightweight.
2. Amazing battery life - can record continuously for over twelve hours on a full charge.
3. Easy to use once you get the hang of it.
4. Good recording quality - can listen back on headphones or upload the file to your computer and play it through your speakers.
5. Instant activation with the touch of a single button.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

1. Great product
2. Holds laptop steady and allows me to tuck my wireless keyboard under it when not in use
3. Sturdy and weight with no plastic pieces
4. Adjustable height to eye level and use of wireless keyboard and mouse
5. Durable and looks good

USB Condenser Microphone

1. Sturdy microphone.
2. Quality sound.
3. Clear and crisp sound.
4. No background noise picked up when fans are running nearby.
5. Physical mute button available on the V2 X model.

TP-Link WiFi Range Extender

1. Easy to set up and works well enough that’s its easy to forget you have an extender for your WiFi.
2. Works exactly as advertised with simple setup and allows use of the main router SSID for the extended network(s).
3. Resolved the dead spots on the large deck space around my house.
4. Added this unit at the bottom of the stairs and now he has an excellent signal.
5. Not a booster, meaning it will extend the signal you have but it will not increase the speed!

Anker USB Hub

1. This device allowed me to connect two peripheral devices to my home security camera controller box using just one long existing USB cord.
2. It has been a game changer for me as laptops these days just don't have enough ports.
3. It allowed me to use both stored music and dashcam after purchasing Tesla Model 3.
4. It is fast and reliable and I use it daily for everything from high speed data copy to flash drives to connecting multiple gaming controllers.
5. It is well made with nicely spaced ports so I can attach thumb drives and power through computer.

Anker USB C Outlet Extender

1. Allows charging for multiple devices
2. Convenient size
3. Outstanding customer service
4. Fully supports their product
5. Makes efforts to satisfy customers

Anker Portable Charger

1. Fast charging for any phone or tablet
2. 5000maH power bank capacity
3. Acts as a regular charger
4. LED design to show battery level and functions as an outlet tester
5. USB-C technology for newest technology

Amazon Basics 11.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve