Clinique Men Cologne

1. A little goes a long way.
2. My favorite men's cologne.
3. Clinique Happy for Men is one of my all-time favorites - a light, citrusy/woodsy scent that lasts without being overpowering.
4. I have always loved citrus smell and this does it justice.
5. Just as described!

Bio-Oil Skincare Body Oil

1. It has made a dramatic difference in the appearance of stretch marks.
2. Evened out skin tone on inner thighs.
3. Faded a very dark burn on face from waxing attempt.
4. Successfully faded dark spots and scars.
5. Used every day during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks with no signs of them yet.

L'Oreal Paris Scrub

1. This product is a deep conditioner that is very slick and flows well.
2. It is easy to scrub with the beads to lift up any residue without irritating the skin.
3. It is easier to break up the scalp oils holding that residue on when scrubbing with oil than with salt.
4. It helps to treat dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis or any other scalp condition.
5. It can be used for cats and dogs as well as humans.

Nexxus Shampoo

1. My hair is so soft after the first use.
2. Keeps my blonde hair from breaking, made it more manageable, and smooths it out.
3. Has protein in it which is perfect for damaged hair.
4. Great smell that lasts long.
5. Helps smooth frizzy color treated hair.

DenTek Kids Fun Flossers

1. Kids love the different colors and taste of the floss.
2. Variety of colors makes it fun for kids to floss.
3. Easy for kids to use and strong enough to do the job.
4. Kids love the grip, color, and it cleans between their teeth well.
5. Floss doesn't break or shred like other brands.

Parodontax Toothbrush

1. Improves the health of my gums compared to other expensive toothbrushes.
2. Good for my bleeding gums.
3. Excellent for receding gums.
4. Large size of the brush head with soft bristles that reach front and back of teeth at same time, soft, comfortable, and has a good handle grip design.
5. Best toothbrush I have ever used in my lifetime with great results.

Philips Battery Toothbrush

1. Lightweight and comfortable to use.
2. Comes with a travel case for easy portability.
3. 2 minute timer helps to ensure proper brushing time.
4. Includes a replacement head for convenience.
5. Charges quickly and has long battery life.

Palette for Eye & Face

1. Great colors
2. Versatile and colors pop
3. Perfect condition
4. Easily buildable color
5. Adorable packaging

Oat Milk Sulfate-Free Shampoo

1. Smells amazing
2. Made my hair feel great
3. Great price point
4. Helped with eczema on scalp
5. Husband's hair feels softer and no harsh perfume scent

Paris Eau De Toilette Spray

1. Light scent, clean and fresh.
2. I always get compliments on my perfume.
3. It has been my signature perfume for years.
4. Long lasting fragrance.
5. I’ve been wearing this scent since the 1990s and it smells so good.

Giorgio Armani De Toilette

1. Works well and smells great
2. Perfect for a quick gift
3. My husband loves it and has purchased many bottles
4. Not too overpowering, just perfect scent
5. Happy customer, will buy again in the future

Micro Touch Titanium Trim

1. Lightweight and easy to wield.
2. Comes with useful attachments.
3. Does not draw blood on sensitive skin.
4. Cuts hair well with minimal passes required.
5. Extended grip function is likely to be handy for back and shoulder shaving.

Lip Balm For Kids

1. My granddaughters loved them!
2. Great for Easter basket stuffers.
3. Put in grandaughter's Easter basket as a change of pace to candy and toys.
4. Exactly as shown. Cute and very ‘Easterey’!
5. Great gift for my niece she squealed when she opened it. Super cute.

Kids Electric Toothbrushes

1. Encourages brushing teeth independently for young children.
2. Affordable and easy to use.
3. Different settings and blue light make it fun for kids.
4. Gentle vibrations make it enjoyable for kids with autism.
5. Perfect size for children who don't like to brush their teeth, motivating them to do so.

CeraVe SA Cleanser

1. Cleanser does not dry out or irritate skin.
2. Works quickly to smooth skin and leave it feeling soft.
3. Does not have a smell or little balls in it.
4. Does not leave a film or oily feel on the skin.
5. Makes a huge improvement in skin, clearing acne and reducing wrinkles.

Orajel Kids Toothpaste

1. My son seems to like the taste.
2. Was very cheap and I’m glad I was able to find a fluoride toothpaste.
3. Kids use it without complaints.
4. Kids love the taste.
5. Great children's toothpaste, the child is very happy, she really likes the taste!

Soft Battery Powered Toothbrush

1. The price and the quality for such a toothbrush is excellent.
2. This toothbrush helps to change teeth to whiter and no more black tooth.
3. No hard feelings when brushing my teeth.
4. Great value for your buck!
5. Love the caps for the toothbrushes, they are the perfect level of softness.

Oral Rinse

1. Provides long-lasting fresh breath and renewed confidence
2. Effectively combats bad breath by targeting the root causes rather than just masking the odor
3. Gentle yet powerful formulation with safe and effective ingredients
4. Promotes overall oral health by helping to prevent cavities, reducing plaque buildup, and soothing gum irritation
5. Convenient and easy to use with generous amount of rinse for long-lasting use

Shea Sugar Scrub

1. The jar is big and heavy.
2. It has a strong pineapple smell.
3. The texture is extraordinary.
4. It is the same price as Walmart's sugar scrub.
5. It lasts a long time with only a little bit needed each time.

Spot Clearing Serum

1. Helps to reduce redness and soothe skin
2. Doesn't dry out skin
3. Contains ceramides, ECF, and propolis
4. Diminishes breakouts significantly
5. Fast absorbing and helps clear scars