Restorative Body Cream


Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream


NIVEA Body Wash




Heated Straightening Brush


Aquaphor Healing Ointment


Maybelline Concealer


Shampoo & Conditioner Set


Aveeno Shampoo


Neutrogena Rapid Clear


The Face Shop Cream


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick

1. Creamy and luscious texture.
2. Beautiful color.
3. Great lipstick.
4. Goes on great.
5. Looks wonderful.

Acne Treatment Gel

1. Cleared up acne in 5 months with minimal breakouts.
2. Works well with sensitive, combination skin.
3. No scarring from blemishes that do appear.
4. Uses a vitamin C/hyaluronic acid serum and sunscreen for additional protection and hydration.
5. Watches sugar intake to help control acne breakouts.

Diamond Last Topaz Taupe

1. Great matte finish
2. Clean and affordable
3. Long lasting
4. Lightweight and non-sticky
5. Unique packaging in the shape of diamond

Double Shield Sun Stick

1. Leaves no white caste like thick sunscreens.
2. Feels so light on the skin.
3. Easy to apply and convenient to carry in purse.
4. Does not add to oily skin or make face cakey and white.
5. Does not clog pores or cause breakouts.

Body Sunscreens

1. Does not leave a white cast or turn skin a different color.
2. Has a pleasant smell and leaves a slight glow.
3. Blends in easily no matter how much is applied.
4. Keeps skin from burning even after four hours in the sun.
5. Not greasy or sticky and smells great.

NIVEA Moisturizing Gift Set

1. The scent isn't over powering which makes it a more universal gift.
2. Great value. My fav chapstick and lotion.
3. Long time favorite lip product. Great gift for almost anyone.
4. I love the quality of these products and I don't get an allergic reaction to that that I do with some other lip balms.
5. I got this as a gift for someone, it arrived in good time and I've received no complaints from my "giftee".

24H Moisture Cream

1. Absorbs nicely without a greasy feeling and there’s a slight scent of rose.
2. Skin is left soft and glowy after using this product.
3. Feels cool when applied and lasts all day.
4. No irritation caused by the product.
5. Delivers skin-friendly benefits of rosewater with just a hint of roses scent.

BIC Disposable Razors

1. Sharp without causing razor burns or nicks.
2. Nice packaging and quality made.
3. Gives the closest shave with great glide and ergonomic design.
4. Blades last for 5-6 shaves if kept dry.
5. Always great quality.

Liquid Eyeliner

1. Pigmented liquid eyeliner that is ready to apply.
2. Easily washes off on its own.
3. Does not contain formaldehyde or other toxic ingredients.
4. Goes on smoothly and works like regular eyeliner and mascara.
5. Does not cause burning or drying skin when applied.