Pregnancy Pillow

1. Keeps user from rolling over while sleeping.
2. Neck support is great for taller people.
3. Can be stuffed more for a firmer pillow or taken out for a softer pillow.
4. Grey cover is soft and comfortable.
5. Helps with pelvic, sciatica and lower back pain relief.

Multi Plug Outlet Extender

1. Multi outlet access is great for tech users
2. Great charging station with many USB outlets, a USB C outlet and nightlight
3. High quality, cool "backlight" effect and works as described
4. Compact and takes less space on the counter
5. Easy to install and works great

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick

1. Creamy and luscious texture.
2. Beautiful color.
3. Great lipstick.
4. Goes on great.
5. Looks wonderful.

Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer

1. No leakage where it connects to the hose.
2. Water pressure is great.
3. Easy to use thumb control.
4. Several water spray choices and adjustable pressure.
5. Durable and effortless to use.

adidas Unisex-Child Sport Swim Sandals

1. Very durable
2. Easy to put on and off
3. Look close to being brand new after 4 months of use
4. Great for summer wear
5. Toddler can put them on herself easily

Hot Wheels Race Case

1. Comes with 8 regular mainlines
2. Bought as a gift and was loved
3. Good value when discounted
4. Efficient delivery and excellent quality
5. Can stack cars and attach tracks to either side

Color Scratch Art Mini Notes

1. Bought for grandkid, and she loves them.
2. Absolutely love it.
3. She loves how bright and happy they look.
4. Kid loved it
5. Everyone had fun making pictures or notes on them

ACT Kids Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste

1. Leaves a fresher breath
2. Removes white coating on the tongue
3. Great for teeth
4. Kids love it and don't mind brushing their teeth
5. My son looks forward to brushing his teeth

Acne Treatment Gel

1. Cleared up acne in 5 months with minimal breakouts.
2. Works well with sensitive, combination skin.
3. No scarring from blemishes that do appear.
4. Uses a vitamin C/hyaluronic acid serum and sunscreen for additional protection and hydration.
5. Watches sugar intake to help control acne breakouts.

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank

1. Seamless charging experience with magnetic attachment system
2. Sleek, minimalist design with modern aesthetics
3. 6000mAh battery capacity with efficient power delivery capabilities
4. Magnetic grip is secure yet easily detachable
5. Seamless charging experience across a range of gadgets

Diamond Last Topaz Taupe

1. Great matte finish
2. Clean and affordable
3. Long lasting
4. Lightweight and non-sticky
5. Unique packaging in the shape of diamond

Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

1. Nice soft cloth to freshen your growler.
2. I actually use these as underarm wipes instead and emergency bathroom wipes when you can't hold it in public.
3. Perfect on the go or for travel.
4. Refreshing wipe on the go! Light sent no irritation.
5. Comes in handy!

Columbia Men's Hiking Shoe

1. Extremely happy with these hiking shoes.
2. Lightweight and very comfortable.
3. Sturdy, look great and have great traction.
4. Very comfortable and durable.
5. Fit perfectly and look just like the picture.

Electric Bug Zapper

1. This product was able to solve a bad problem with yellow jackets in two days.
2. It is durable and still works even after falling from a height of six feet.
3. It is effective in killing mosquitoes and other bugs.
4. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
5. It is easy to install and use.

Disappearing Purple School Glue

1. Holds together a variety of materials with ease.
2. Smooth gliding action for precision sticking.
3. Washable and easy to clean up.
4. Comes in a twelve-pack for convenience and value.
5. Unleashes creativity and encourages imaginative projects.

Vertical Laptop Stand

1. Sturdy and durable, exceeding expectations
2. Heavy weight provides a sense of security
3. Holds two laptops securely and firmly in place
4. Saves space on the desk by running two computers
5. Easy to use and adjust

Wilson Tennis Rackets

1. Good for beginners
2. Light weight and easy to handle
3. Great way to get the little ones to learn hand/eye coordination and burn energy
4. Perfect for beginner lessons
5. Very comfortable to use

Double Shield Sun Stick

1. Leaves no white caste like thick sunscreens.
2. Feels so light on the skin.
3. Easy to apply and convenient to carry in purse.
4. Does not add to oily skin or make face cakey and white.
5. Does not clog pores or cause breakouts.

LEGO Minifigure Puzzle

1. The kids were thrilled with the picture on the box.
2. Fun for everyone when putting it together.
3. Looks like good quality.
4. Puzzle pieces were cut and usable.
5. Highly recommend this to Lego fans and puzzle fans alike.

Body Sunscreens

1. Does not leave a white cast or turn skin a different color.
2. Has a pleasant smell and leaves a slight glow.
3. Blends in easily no matter how much is applied.
4. Keeps skin from burning even after four hours in the sun.
5. Not greasy or sticky and smells great.